October Photo Challenge: Day 31


DAY THIRTY-ONE: Halloween. Happy Halloween everyone! I’m dressed as Hipster Ariel lmao. I know I don’t have red hair but that’s because I had red hair before I was part of this world. I also left the ocean because it became too current. And Flounder and I had a fall out because he started buying coffee at the Dukin Donuts corporation. What are you dressed as today?

This is the last of my photo challenge for the month of October. Thank you so much for following along! I will be having a couple of busy months ahead. At this point I don’t know if I’ll start a November Photo Challenge. By tomorrow, I’ll make up my mind lol

Thanks again, and Happy Halloween!

October Photo Challenge: Day 30


DAY THIRTY: Inspiration. There’s a lot of people that inspire me. And I would love to take a picture with all of them. But since I can’t, I am sharing myself with you as a thank you for inspiring me.

Black Friday Shopping 101


Black Friday. The words separately, are a wonderful; Friday in particular. Together they raise panic and fear in my well being. Images of a box containing a 50″ flat screen TV, almost decapitating me, are still fresh on my mind.

I avoid going Black Friday shopping. I don’t like it. Its too crowded, people are lunatics, and I can’t be bothered with that nonsense. When I do cave, is usually my sisters fault. Yes, I am blaming her, because is her fault, and only hers.

In my process of avoiding going Black Friday shopping, I’ve learned a few things along way, and here I am to share them with you. Hopefully I can help you take advantage of the sales and avoid the crowds at the same time.

1. Most of the sales are available online. You can choose to do in store pick-up or have it shipped it to your door. The majority of the retailers do offer free shipping.

2. A lot of retailers do have the sales up online on Thanksgiving night. So while everyone is nursing their food coma, you could be online shopping.

3. You don’t need to be there at 3am to wait for the store to open. The majority of the sales are available all weekend. So while you were cold, and sleep less on Friday, I got your same deal Saturday morning. For example, Target usually has a two day sale.

4. Wait for Cyber Monday. Specially when it comes to electronics. They tend to have better quality brands on sale. As well as, free shipping.

5. The same sales you see during Black Friday, you’ll see them again before Christmas.

I’m not saying don’t go Black Friday shopping; some people so enjoy the rush. But hopefully I’ve given you some tips on how to be a better consumer.

Two websites I recommend visiting, before making your shopping plans. BlackFriday.com shares circulars ahead of time. And if you are online shopping, never ever check out without looking for a discount code on RetailMeNot

October Photo Challenge: Day 29


DAY TWENTY-NINE: Focus. I can’t focus on anything that is far away without my Ray-Ban glasses. Sucks being near sighted, with astigmatism. But I love my second set of eyes! They reflect my nerd on the outside lol

Hot Find!

I love roaming around Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and beauty supply stores. You find the best and most random things that I have to have.

My latest find is for you flat and curling iron divas. Its a heat resistant silicone holder you can attach to your sink. No need to worry where to put your hot styling tools while you section your hair, or answer a text.


These are the kind of products that always make me wonder why doesn’t everyone have one.

I found it at TJ Maxx for $12.99 USD. On their website, this Hot Iron Holster is double and triple the price. I would highly recommend checking your locam discount store near you before ordering online.


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